Corn Maze

pastmazesSometimes it’s fun to get lost. Sometimes a little “cornfusion” can be exciting. The eleven acre PA corn maze at Mazezilla provides a safe yet stimulating challenge for all visitors. Every year is different. Every visit is different. We take you out to the maze in a tractor-driven wagon. Entering the maze is a chance to challenge your puzzle-solution skills. We do not leave you without help. There are “corn helpers” throughout the maze. “Tower people” overlook the complex.

The PA corn maze might have bridges, tunnels, and many false starts. You might enjoy the additional challenge of a night-time maze experience. Flashlights expand the contours of the maze. Shadows and reflections may add to the confusion and fun. Mazezilla designs are mazes for many different visitor experiences.

Groups of many different descriptions make our PA corn maze a must-go. A proposal at the maze is not as unusual as you might think. A birthday party for someone of any age will have an added dimension at Mazezilla. Whatever event is being celebrated or commemorated will provide lasting memories at Mazezilla. Bring your scout group, your church group, or your family reunion group here and you will have a one-of-a-kind gathering. The maze will amaze. Every single person on our team has your satisfaction in mind.

We are proud to be a particular destination for individuals and groups, and we work every day to earn that choice.

If you’re interested in finding more about Mazezilla, a PA corn maze please contact as or call us at 570-402-7378.